About us

Money Managers is a private company that offers practical money management tips and money coaching to low and moderate-income households in Botswana.  As a company, our main aim is to support and encourage these households to save money, invest money, reduce debt and ultimately build wealth. Financial freedom is not an illusion like most people think, it is a reality that we can all live provided we are armed with the right tools and play by the rules.
We are passionate about personal finance education and we aspire to spread the education as much as possible in our country.

Our mission is to empower mankind through financial education.

We thrive to achieve our mission by

  1. Sharing practical money management tips.
  2. Teaching from the point of experience and not theory, learning from those before us who have achieved financial success in their lives.
  3. Simplifying the money language
  4. We also advocate for financial inclusion and would like to work with other financial institutions to bring their services to the remotest areas of the country. We would like to challenge all participants in the financial services sector to promote good money management habits.

Whatever your personal finance journey is, we want you to know that you are not alone, we are here to journey with you. Managing money should not be as hard as it is made to be, you don’t even have to be an expert but you certainly need to work on changing your behaviour.

You can start today by making that commitment to be a good money manager.

Take one step at a time.